Wild Berry Honey

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Written by Jaya Singh 

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Because of its exceptional medicinal properties, Wild Berry Honey, also known as Sidr/Sider Honey, is one of the premium varieties of honey. It is collected by bees that forage on the blossoms of Sidr trees. Al Sidr trees, also known as Jujube or Nabkh trees, are indigenous to Northern and Tropical Africa, as well as Western Asia. It is thought to be an ancient tree, and the Jujube fruit is thought to have been eaten first by Adam when he descended to Earth. The flowering is seasonal, and honey sourced from Sidr trees is considered exotic due to its incredible properties.

Berry Honey Flowers of Berry plants bloom from August to September, and this is the time to relocate our sweet bees to this location. The number of trees and the area must be substantial. Bees begin their work on day one by collecting nectar, which they then convert into a natural original sweet, which is high in antioxidants.

Few benefits are as follows:-

  • Good antibacterial properties, especially for the throat. Improves energy level and mood.
  • The skin will glow.
  • If it is Berry honey, the nutrients and benefits will be very similar to Berry.
  • Berry honey will have Berry-related properties.
  • Honey contains pollen, which has natural protein properties.
  • This pollen will also provide plant properties.

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