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About Us

We are “Universal Tribes”- Empowerment & Upliftment of Tribal Arts & Culture.

Universal Tribes is an impetus working towards the welfare of the tribal communities in India.

We laid our foundation in the year 2017 with a pledge to create opportunities of socio-economic development for the tribes of rural India.

India has a repertoire of traditional art. Finding its origin in the homes of rural tribes, the traditional mystic art has seemed to have lost its identity in the urban chaos. Rural tribes, despite their talents, have been living lowly lives with limited means of survival.

We at Universal Tribes, have shouldered the calling to uplift the lives of our tribes by bringing out their hidden talents and the beauty of the unique tribal art to the world. Our ardent mission drove us to scout their innate artistic talents and create an avenue to showcase and monetise their art. Our yet another relentless pursuit is to promote healthy lifestyle through consumption of natural and organic food. And our tribal farmers have become significant part of this motto.

We enable our tribes to leverage their skills in art and organic farming and earn their livelihood. Here, we open the doors to the world for our tribes; we take their passion and hard work they put in their intrinsic art and growing organic food to the world through online portal and give it its due credit and recognition; we provide every resource for it.

At Universal Tribes, we are uplifting and empowering our tribal communities.

We are the Universal Tribes!
Being Together, We Form Our Identity!


To showcase Tribal Art by artists from different parts of India in professional way across the globe though
our online & offline platform.

To provide a platform for interdisciplinary thinking & research where ideas & practices can be explored &

Concentrating on enhancing the imagination & quality in every one of our items & in everything that we do.


To provide high quality art supplies to our customers and space for artists to create & showcase their talents
has long been a goal & dream of ours.

Meet our team


Mr. Rajat Raghatwan

CEO & Founder

Leading Entrepreneur & True Socialist

Strategy Management Head

Mr. Vivek Gate

Strategy Management Head

Enriched with disastrous & strategy management experience.

Supply Chain Head

Mr. Vaibhav Bharmal

Director Operations

Responsible for direction & coordination of an Organization.


Mr. Dheeraj Pol

Buissiness Team Lead & Professional Photographer

He has ability to adopt market behavioural changes and to develope business according to it.

Team Lead

Mr. Charudatta Bhujbal

Team Lead

His exceptional team lead experience is driving our team.

Team Lead

Mr. Nikhil Kuchekar

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Influencer