Universal Tribes was established in 2017 with a mission to empower and uplift tribal communities in India. We proudly collaborate with skilled artists and experienced farmers who share our vision.

Our primary goal is to ensure that tribal artists and farmers receive proper recognition and monetary compensation for their invaluable contributions. We believe that tribal communities are already enriched with art and a focus on health. As responsible members of society, it is our duty to assist them in achieving economic stability. Through our online and offline platforms, we showcase the remarkable artwork created by tribal artists and the beneficial crops cultivated by tribal farmers, thereby promoting a healthier society. Universal Tribes remains committed to supporting and fulfilling the aspirations of these talented individuals, while also raising global awareness about their remarkable artistry.

By making a purchase with us, you contribute not only to the environment but also to the upliftment of tribal communities. At Universal Tribes, we always stand together!

Our vision is to empower every tribal artist and farmer in India. By providing support in all socio-economic aspects, we ensure that artists continue to engage in their craft, preserving its cultural significance and receiving fair compensation for their dedication. Additionally, we strive to create economic opportunities for hardworking tribal farmers.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers, tribal artists, and tribal farmers. We actively encourage our artists and farmers to create exceptional artwork and cultivate healthy staple foods. Through our digital and traditional platforms, which are open to the world, anyone can contribute by purchasing these extraordinary artworks and nourishing foods from www.universaltribes.com. We prioritize providing the utmost value to our tribal artists and farmers, ensuring that each purchase directly contributes to the empowerment and upliftment of tribal communities.