Wild Jamun Honey 🍯

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Written by Jaya Singh 

Reading Time 5 minutes 

Honey has numerous health benefits and is a must-have in every household. Wild Jamun Honey is a single-origin, monofloral honey collected responsibly from bees feeding on Jamun flower nectar. It is sourced locally from tribal beekeepers in Maharashtra's Sahyadri forests. The honey retains the anti-oxidant and blood sugar regulating properties of the Indian Blackberry, as well as many other benefits. This wild honey is collected from the Black Jamun tree's hives. The nectar of the black Jamun flowers is converted by wild bees, adding a bitter taste to the taste. This makes it an ideal product for those who dislike too much sweetness. 

Giant Rock Bees pollinate during the season when the Jamun trees bloom, and honey collected from these flowers has a distinct 'bitter' flavor! 

Unprocessed - Because this honey is unprocessed, all of the nutrients in it remain intact from collection to bottling.

Sustainably Harvested - The honey harvesting methods used in this bottle are sustainable, ensuring that the bees return to the hives after the honey is collected.

Unique Honey Rainbow - The colours in this bottle of Jamun Honey range from light and almost clear to amber and even dark and completely opaque. The colour of honey is not indicative of its quality; it is simply a result of what nectar was collected from which flowering plants.

Diabetic Friendly - This honey is ideal for people who do not like or cannot consume a lot of sweets. Because of its low glycemic index, it is suitable for diabetics as well.

Use of Jamun Honey 🍯- To keep blood sugar levels under control, use Jamun Honey instead of white sugar to sweeten the tea. After each meal, take a spoonful of Jamun Honey with warm water or on its own. Drink one spoon of Jamun Honey in a glass of water in the morning or whenever you need energy.

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