Life of Tribal Farmers

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Written by Jaya Singh 

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The concept behind this painting:

  • Tribal women are harvesting rice.
  • Women's engaged with rice farming.

The concept behind this painting:-

  • Toddy tappers climb on the coconut tree for collecting tadi.
  • A woman is carrying a bundle of sticks and water pots on their head.
  • Women are pulling water from the well.
  • Birds are sitting on the tree.

Tribal areas are in nature's lap, and agriculture has a unique potential to absorb them while also creating job opportunities. Hard work, dignity of labour, and affection for the land are genetically prevalent among them and are considered to be tribals' fundamental assets.

They primarily rely on millets crops such as maize, jowar, bajra, kodo, kutki, and others for a living, and they avoid using modern hybrid seeds, fertilisers, and chemicals.

Traditionally, the indigenous hill people of the North East, mostly scheduled tribes, have relied heavily on land and forest for their subsistence through agriculture, particularly shifting cultivation, food gathering, and hunting. Since time immemorial, tribal communities and hill people have practised shifting cultivation as a way of life.

It is, however, not practised by all tribes.

Terraced agriculture is limited to the lower slopes of mountain ranges, as well as narrow river banks and valleys. Wet cultivation is a relatively new phenomenon among tribal peoples, particularly in Central and Western India.

Tribal women make up half of the tribal workforce in India.

Except for ploughing and sowing rice seed, women participate in all agricultural operations. Tribal women work 1 to 15 hours per day in agriculture and allied activities. Tribal women apply manure, sow, weed, thin, irrigate, and harvest crops until they are ready for storage.

Tribal life is distinguished by its physical and cultural isolation, simplicity, small group size, low population density, and physical and conceptual closeness to nature.

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