Celebrating Festivals

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Written by Jaya Singh 

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The Warli Tribes not only celebrate festivals but also the marriage in their culture is like a festival.

It is usually a 4-5 day ritual. Age at marriage for girls is 15 to 17 years  and for boys from 17 to 19 years. 

The Warli paintings done during the marriage are called “Lagnacha chauk” meaning marriage paintings. The painting is sacred and without it the marriage cannot take place.

The concept behind this painting:

  • Tribal people are celebrating Diwali.
  • Villagers are celebrating Diwali with firecrackers and a tarpa dance.
  • The bird is sitting on the tree.

The concept behind this painting:

  • Villagers engaged in the preparation of the wedding.
  • Villagers celebrate weddings like a festival.
  • The bride and groom enjoy their wedding.
  • The bride and groom sit on the horse.

As it can be seen in the paintings.

  • HOLI
  • It is celebrated all over India, and Holi is a festival of colours. Instead of celebrating Holi as a festival of colours, they (Warli Tribes) celebrate with Mitti. After puja, they make various types of sweets and eat rice papad.

  • It takes place five days after Holi. This is the time when everyone in the village has fun with colours.

    (Both Holi and Rang Panchami are celebrated in month of March)


    It is a springtime festival that marks the beginning of the Marathi new year. They buy new clothes and perform puja in the early morning.


    Bohada is a three-day mask festival held by the Warli tribes. During this celebration, mask owners wear these masks and perform several times.

    (Both Gudi Padwa and Bohada Festival is celebrated in month of April)


    It is a festival commemorating the first rain and the first sowing of crops seeds. Everyone looks for the Kauli vegetable in the forest as a group.

    When they find one, they share it with the rest of the village and eat together.

    (It is celebrated in month of June)

  • Naga Panchami is a traditional snake festival. The women of the Warli tribe fast all day (except for chai) and eat a good meal at night after the puja.

  • Pola is a bull-loving festival celebrated by the Warli tribe. They decorate and worship their bulls before forcing them to compete in a small race.


    Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu deity.

    For ten days, the Warli tribe celebrates Ganapati with zeal. They decorate the entire village. The kids dance to various songs, and everyone does the Tarpa dance together.

    (All these are celebrated in month of August)

  • One of their most important festivals is Dussehra and Diwali. They gather Tarpa players from all over, and people from all the surrounding villages gather to celebrate by performing the Tarpa dance. During this festival, they also have melas and hang these hanging objects called Kandill in front of their houses.

    (All are celebrated in month of October & November)

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