by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

The basic element of Bhil art is story-telling, and artists use their art to describe various stories about a particular ceremony.

Traditionally, large but unrealistic shapes of common characters are drawn in Bhil art. These motifs are then filled in plain form with earthy but bright colours. Several patterns are created on these drawings using uniform dots of various colours that stand out against the background.

The use of non-random dots is a distinguishing feature of Bhil art. The motifs can range from ancestors to divine beings, and the patterns drawn on them are unique to the artist. Artists' dot patterns frequently represent their own style. Filling in the motif is an important aspect of Bhil art. These are almost identical to dot paintings of Australian aborigine art. Bhil artists only use dots of various colours in neat formations and patterns. These paintings are examples of Pointillism art.

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