Tassar Silk

by Universaltribes Admin on Apr 04, 2023

Tassar Silk

The cocoons of the tasar silkworm are used to make a particular form of silk called Tassar silk. It is frequently used to make sarees, shawls, and other textiles because of its strength and durability. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa are the primary producers of tassar silk in India.


The following procedures are used to make tassar silk:

  • The Terminalia arjuna or Antheraea mylitta plant serves as the host plant during the tasar silkworm's development.
  • The silkworm creates a thick, durable filament when it is ready to spin its cocoon, which is then used to build the cocoon.
  • The process of collecting cocoons involves gathering the cocoons and boiling them, which kills the silkworm and unravels the silk fibres.
  • The silk fibres are then looped together to form a continuous thread.
  • Weaving: Using a loom, the silk threads are weaved into cloths. The tassar silk fabric is then completed to taste by washing, dying, and finishing.

Careful attention must be paid to the silkworms' upbringing and the calibre of the silk strands they generate in order to manufacture tassar silk. As a result, a strong, long-lasting fabric that is prized for its texture and quality is produced.


The following uses for tassar silk are typical:

  • Apparel: Sarees, shawls, and other traditional Indian clothing pieces are made from tassar silk.
  • Home decor: Tassar silk is also used to manufacture curtains, cushion covers, and other home accents.
  • Tassar silk is frequently manufactured into wall hangings, table runners, and other decorative items for its ornamental appeal.
  • Tassar silk is used to create scarves, handbags, and other fashion accessories.
  • Industrial uses: Tassar silk is also employed in the manufacture of fishing nets and ropes, among other things.

Tassar silk is a popular material for a variety of uses due to its adaptability and durability, and because it is used in traditional Indian textiles and garments, it has come to represent the nation's rich cultural legacy.


Tassar silk is frequently used to make the following items:

  • Sarees\sShawls
  • Curtains Cushion coverings
  • Affixed to walls
  • Table skirts
  • Handbags
  • Scarves
  • nets for fishing
  • Cords
  • Indian traditional attire
  • fashion accoutrements

Tassar silk is a common material for many products because of its strength and durability, especially in traditional Indian textiles and garments.

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