Kantha Embroidery

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A traditional type of hand-stitched embroidery from the Indian subcontinent, specifically Bengal, is called kantha. For making quilts, cushion covers, and clothing, it is often done on a piece of fabric like a sari or dhoti. The method uses layers of fabric and straightforward running stitches to produce complicated patterns and designs. Kantha is regarded as a significant component of India's folk art heritage and has a long cultural history.

Method of Kantha

The Kantha technique entails the following steps:

  • Choosing the fabric: Cotton, silk, or muslin are the traditional fabrics for Kantha.
  • Cloth cutting: The fabric is often cut into the size and shape needed for the finished product.
  • Fabric is layered by stacking two or more layers on top of one another and fastening them with pins or temporary stitches.
  • Design transfer: The design is either hand-drawn or traced onto the fabric.
  • Stitching: The design is embroidered onto the cloth using a straightforward running thread, holding the layers together. To give the design more depth and detail, the stitches can be done in a range of colours.
  • Finishing: The finished product is finished by trimming off any extra fabric and tying off any dangling threads.

It takes patience and talent to complete the slow, precise technique of kantha embroidery. Each stitch is manually created, giving each item a special and individual touch.


Textiles made from kantha include the following:

  • Quilts: To make a warm and comfortable blanket, kantha quilts are constructed by layering old fabric, such as saris or dhotis, and then embroidering over them.
  • Cushion covers: Adding a touch of traditional Indian style to a space is easy with Kantha cushion covers.
  • Clothing: Shawls, saris, and Kurtis are just a few examples of the clothes that have Kantha needlework.
  • Home decor: Kantha needlework can be used to create wall hangings, table runners, and other home accents.
  • Smaller pieces of fabric embellished with Kantha embroidery can be turned into bags, pouches, and wallets.
  • Kantha is also used to create accessories like headbands and scarves.

Kantha is a popular choice for incorporating a hint of tradition and cultural heritage into a variety of goods because it is not just a type of folk art but also practical and adaptable.

Products made from Kantha Embroidery 

The following items are produced with Kantha embroidery:


cushion cover


Saris / Kurtis

Affixed to walls

Table skirts








Cases for pillows

Trash bags



These are only a few of the items that have Kantha embroidery the most frequently. Because of this ancient embroidery technique's adaptability, it may be used to embellish and design a variety of textiles, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and presents.

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