Empowerment & Upliftment of tribal Art
Empowerment & Upliftment of tribal Art

Return Policy

  • Prior approval and a written authorisation must be obtained before any return can be made. Any return made without prior approval and a written authorisation will not be accepted.

  • Products returned for refund must be in new condition and packaged in their original packaging (used, discontinued and certain custom made items cannot be returned for refund.) If the buyer or other user does not properly use the products under normal operating conditions in accordance with the specifications for operation as described by the manufacturer, the seller cannot be held responsible.

  • Freight charges must be prepaid on all return shipments by the buyer. Seller is not responsible for any customs charges and fees, they are the full responsibility of the buyer.

Out of stock situation

  • Our attempt is to ensure that all products listed on the site are available in stock for dispatch to the buyer. However, in case this in not available for any reason, we will contact you within 2 business days and give you the option to exchange, delay or cancel the order based on your convenience.