Organic Mahua Raab Honey 🍯

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Written by Jaya Singh 

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Mahua honey is harvested from the beehives of the Mahua tree, also known as semal.

The mahua tree's bark is thought to cure diabetes, while its flowers are said to relieve constipation, haemorrhoids, and eye infections, as well as alleviate bronchitis symptoms.

Benefits of Mahua Honey - 

  • Aids in the treatment of stomach-related diseases.
  • Immunity and energy booster
  • Beneficial in the treatment of acidity
  • Cures Body aches and cramps
  • Diabetes and sugar patients will benefit from this.
  • Sore throat, flu, cough, and cold relief
  • Menstrual cycle that is beneficial
  • Helpful for piles

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