Muga Silk

by Universaltribes Admin on Apr 06, 2023

Muga Silk

Muga silk is a particular kind of silk that is only made in Assam, India. It is regarded as one of the finest and rarest silks in the world and is distinguished by its natural golden colour. Muga silk is perfect for traditional garments and textiles since it is very strong and resistant to fading and rotting.

Making of Muga Silk 

There are various steps involved in creating Muga silk:

  • The sojong tree leaves are used to feed the Muga silkworms, which are carefully maintained and nourished during the cultivation process.
  • When the silkworms have finished their change, they begin to spin the cocoons that are extracted.
  • Reeling the silk: After boiling the cocoons to kill the silkworms and separate the silk strands, the spools are filled with the reeled silk.
  • Weaving: Using age-old hand-loom methods, the looped silk is then woven into fabric.
  • Dyeing and finishing: To give the fabric a soft, lustrous finish, the final process is dyeing the fabric and giving it various finishing techniques, such as washing and brushing.

These procedures are carried out by knowledgeable artisans who have preserved the tradition and heritage of Muga silk manufacture by passing down their skills and know-how from generation to generation.


Muga silk has a variety of uses because of its special qualities and traits:

  • Muga silk is frequently used in Assamese traditional attire, including the Mekhela Chador and the customary "Gamucha" towels.
  • Muga silk is utilised in the production of high-end fabrics, scarves, and shawls in the textile industry.
  • Home décor: Muga silk is often used to make table runners, curtain panels, and pillow covers.
  • Traditional Assamese jewellery, such as necklaces and earrings, are also made from muga silk.
  • Gifts & souvenirs: Due to its scarcity and exclusivity, Muga silk is a well-liked gift and souvenir among visitors to Assam.

These applications highlight Muga silk's adaptability and plasticity as well as its significance in traditional Assamese culture and lifestyle.

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