Barda Tribe

by Universaltribes Admin on Mar 31, 2023

Barda Tribe

The Barda are a tribal community in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. They are a scheduled tribe. Adivasi and Khandeshi Bhil are other names for this community.

Origin - The term Barda is now applied to members of the Bhil community, who are said to have immigrated from Khandesh to Gujarat some three hundred years ago[citation needed]. The community has now settled in Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Surat. They communicated in Gujarati.

The Barda are considered a sub-group of the Bhil ethnic group in Maharashtra. According to their beliefs, the community descended from Sabari Bhil, a well-known character from the Ramayana. Dhule, Jalgaon, Nasik, Osmanabad, Sangli, Kolhapur, and Sholapur have the highest concentration of Bardas. They speak a language related to Marathi called Barda bhasha. The majority of Barda also speak Gujarati.


The Barda are endogamous and engage in clan exogamy. The Ahir, Baria, Dania, Gaikwad, Mali, Mori, and Thakur are their major clans, and they all intermarry. Historically, the Barda were a hunter-gatherer community. Many Barda have settled as agriculturists, and many more work as agricultural labourers. Millets and pulses are grown by a few people who own small plots of land. The number of part-time workers from the community.


The More, Sonone, Thakre, Wagh, Gaikwad, Mali, and Phulpagare are exogamous clans of the Barda Bhil. Each of these clans has equal standing and can intermarry. The group is strictly endogamous. Hunting and gathering were their traditional occupations. A few have agricultural land, but the majority are landless agricultural labourers. A few are also police officers. The tribal deities of the Barda Bhil include Khanderaoji.

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