Bagh Print

by Universaltribes Admin on Apr 01, 2023

The Bagh hamlet in the Dhar region of Madhya Pradesh, India, is the place where the ancient hand block printing method known as "Bagh print" first appeared. It is frequently used to make textiles like sarees, dupattas, and garment fabrics and is renowned for its intricate designs and vivid colours. Hand-carved wooden blocks are used to print designs on cloth during the procedure. An effort is being undertaken to preserve and revive bagh print because it is seen to be a disappearing art form.


Bagh print includes numerous stages, including:

Design Preparation: A paper draught of the design is made initially, after which it is transferred to a wooden block. The design is then hand-carved into the block by accomplished artisans.

Block printing: To make the design, the carved block is dipped in dye and stamped onto the fabric. Each colour in the design goes through this procedure again.

Drying and Fixing: The fabric is then allowed to dry in the sun, after which the dye is fixed with mordants to stop it from fading.

Dry and Wash: The fabric is dried again after being washed to get rid of any extra colour.

Finishing: The fabric has been ironed and is now ready for usage.

The delicate designs that are distinctive to Bagh print must be produced using great expertise and accuracy during the entire manual process.


The textiles used to create the products employing the Bagh printing process range widely, including:

Bagh printed sarees are well known for their vivid colours and elaborate patterns. They are appropriate for both formal and casual use and are frequently made of cotton or silk.

Bagh printed dupattas are well-liked by ladies because they provide a splash of colour to any ensemble and are ideal for infusing a traditional touch into contemporary clothing.

Dress materials: Kurtis, salwar kameez, and lehenga cholis are examples of traditional Indian clothing made from bagh print dress materials.

Bagh print can be used to create curtains, cushion coverings, and other home décor products.

These items are frequently utilised to give contemporary clothing a historic feel thanks to their distinctive designs and brilliant colours. Bagh print is seen as a disappearing art form, and as a result, its items are become harder to find and more expensive.

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