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Bamboo Artifacts

Bamboo Craft is a traditional craft using Bamboo as raw material. It is a handmade product by Nagaland tribal artisans. The Handicrafts of Bamboo is one of the oldest crafts popular in India. India has had a source of bamboo materials, and therefore the Indian artisans had observed to provide beautiful crafts. The craft of bamboo cane is full-time employment for thousands of tribes. These artisans also are engaged in creating decorative things. The vary of bamboo product are boxes, chairs, teapots, baskets, etc.

The Process

The first task is the collection of raw material from the forests. Once acquired, the stem of the bamboo cutting with a billhook or Dao (cutting tools) into sizes of the desired length. Then the thick bamboo is ready for framing the object, with the thinner strips used for designing and binding. 

After heating the bamboo with a kerosene lamp to make it flexible, it is bent and joined with tape, nails, or stitched with other strips, as per requirement. Finally, the product is cleaned with sandpaper and polished with varnish. Then carving on the products and ornamentation using paper, shells, lace, or beads is also seen in some cases. The process differs from product to product.


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Oval Fruit Basket (Small)
  • Rs. 349.00
Bamboo Mug 6 inch
  • Rs. 385.00
Bamboo Mobile Stand
  • Rs. 599.00
Bamboo Mask
  • Rs. 999.00
Table Flower Vase ( Long )
  • Rs. 999.00


Hanging Design Lamp
  • Rs. 1,199.00
  • Rs. 1,099.00


Standing Design Lamp
  • Rs. 1,299.00
  • Rs. 1,199.00