Tribes Of Maharashtra

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Did you know there are a total of 667 tribal communities as per Wikipedia excluding their subcategories? And their population is 8.6% of the overall population of India, which means there are around 104 million tribals in India by the 2011 census. Orissa state has the most number of tribes, there is a total of 62 types of tribes in Orissa excluding their subcategories. But, population-wise Madhya Pradesh is the highest-ranking state in India, around 15 million tribals are staying in Madhya Pradesh. Orissa comes second in this list with a total of more than 9 million tribals and in the 3rd position comes Maharashtra with more than 10 million tribal people. 

But today will get some general info about them and we have 5 tribes from Maharashtra about which we are going to get some info right now. 

Bhil Community, you know a lot of these tribes have been immigrating or migrating interstates so there are some chances that you’ll find the same type of tribe in multiple states of India, and Bhil Tribe is one of them. You’ll find this tribe in Gujrat or Rajsthan and so on. 

So basically, the Bhil community was originally hunters, and gatherers & were essentially animistic. Traditionally, they live in small, dispersed hamlets known as phala. They are mostly located in Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Beed, Buldana, Dhule, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nashik & Pune. Linguistically, the Bhils are unlike most tribal groups in India, whose tounges more commonly are Dravidian or Munda in origin. The language of the Bhil is called Bhili.

The next one is Mahadeo Koli. Tradition is a priority in the Mahadeo Koli tribe. Tradition gets passed down from one generation to another through folklore & art. This Tribe has been known as rebels, robbers for revolting against the Mughals, revolting against British & Moneylenders as well. Mahadeo Koli is a regional society. Regionalism is the hallmark of this society. They are blessed with a history of seven hundred years. 

The third one is Thakar Tribe. Thakar tribe is found only in the state of Maharashtra in India. This tribe is mainly found on the east & west slopes of Sahyadri Hills, in the hills & plateaus of Thane, Pune, Ahmednagar, etc. Men & kids of this tribe love to skip their work & school to go Hunting. Plus the liquor they need is purely made by them & they prefer it to be their way. Thakars uses the information they've gained about animals & plants for medicine.

The fourth one is Paradhi Tribe. The word Pardhi is derived from the Marathi word Paradh which means Hunting. It is also said that Paradhis are descendants of the Rajput. The ancestors of Pardhi were under the patronage of Rana Pratap. On the suspicion that they had helped the Mughal Emperor Akbar, Rana Pratap decided to exterminate them. So they fled to Gujrat. The ancestors of the present Pardhi people migrated from Gujrat to Maharashtra 250 years ago. Pardhis speak Marathi, Gujrati, Pardhi, Hindi, Kannada, etc. 

Last but not the least, Katkari Tribe. The Katkari has been designated a particularly vulnerable tribal group & it derives from their history as a nomadic, forest-dwelling people listed by the British Raj. A stigma that continues to this day. Waghachya jabdyat, ghaluni haat, mojite daat, jaat aamchi Katkaryachi! - Famous Katkari saying. Katkari living close to forested areas still consumes over 60 different uncultivated plants & over 75 different animals & birds. 

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