Is organic food better for your body?

Organic food can be more beneficial than you think. It’s good for your overall health as each food item has multiple benefits like more antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.

What types of organic food do we have? 

Brown Rice, Red Rice, Java Phul Rice, Wild Honey, Red Poha, Brown Poha, etc.

All these food items generally have a lot of nutrients. They are high in fibre & fewer carbs. These food items will help you lose some weight.

Brown rice contains carbohydrates, which may help you fall asleep faster. Red rice helps you cope with diabetes. It is a great source of vitamin B1 & B2, iron & calcium.

Red rice can help prevent heart disease, lowers the risk of obesity, helps fight asthma, it’s good for your bone strength, etc.

Poha is a good probiotic. It is easily digestible & low in calories.

Honey is the least spoiled. The more organic & wild it is, the more benefits it has. It is high in amino acids, natural enzymes, bee pollen, probiotics & antioxidants. Other benefits like it’s more effective for coughs, strengthens the immune system, helps you boost your memory, etc.


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